Oasis Pro Wrestling:
Love & Wrestling

February 17, 2024
Gilman Brewing Company

Los Macizos (Cicople and Miedo Xtremo)
Journey Fatu and Dante Daring

El Mago vs Titus Alexander

Loverboy Leo vs Alonzo Alvarez
(in a submission match)

Crazy Cajun Jiah Jewell vs Jay Desto vs Big Red Williams

Slick Sensation (the Asian Sensation Greyson & Slicked Back Heart Attack Pedro) vs Los Ricos (Certified Stunna-boi Ray Rico & Yung Upgrade Mando Rico)

King Gallo vs AJ Hernandez vs Victor von Richter vs Beatrice Domino vs Justin Kidd vs Lyta Jay - Six Way Fade match

Los Macizos announces their arrival to Oasis Pro at Oasis Pro presents: Love & Wrestling

King Gallo has some choice words for his opponents in the 6 person fade match

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